What is WERS?

The Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) enables windows to be rated and labelled for their annual energy impact on a whole house, in any climate of Australia.Benefits of choosing energy rated windows include:

  • adds to property resale value
  • comfort and amenity are improved by the use of high-performance windows
  • reduced reliance on air-conditioning and other artificial cooling systems
  • reduce energy bills

What’s more, WERS conforms to the alternative solution path for energy efficiency within the Building Code of Australia.

How to select a window for your climate zone
The Australian Window Association (AWA) and the Australian Glass and Glazing Association (AGGA) are developing an industry-wide strategy to deliver more sustainable residential buildings through energy-efficient windows and doors.

The SWA project has run over 4000 simulations in all 8 BCA climate zones in 3 house types with a wide range of windows to show the impact of high performance windows on the energy efficiency or star rating of the home. All results have been peer reviewed by a panel of Australian and International scientists.

Copies of the Simple Guide to Sustainable Windows can be downloaded from the WERS website to determine which window and glass type is right for cold, mixed or hot climate zones.

Window types:

  • aluminium
  • aluminium thermally broken
  • timber
  • uPVC
  • fibreglass
  • composite
Glass types:

  • Clear Low E
  • Clear IGU
  • Clear IGU Low E
  • Tint
  • Tint, Clear Low E
  • Tint, Clear IGU
  • Tint, Clear IGU Low E
  • High performance tint
  • Tinted Low E (low gain)
  • Tint IGU
  • Tint IGU Low E (low gain)

Breezway ‘s Altair louvre windows are an environmentally sustainable alternative to fixed lite panels for maximising the flow of natural light and fresh breezes into a home or commercial building.

All Altair louvre windows are fully WERS rated and designed to improve indoor airflow.

Key features and benefits of the WERS rated Altair louvre windows:

  • Altair Louvre Galleries: can be screwed or snapped into most aluminium, timber or uPVC commercial windows frames.
  • Easyscreen®: suitable for all building types, Easyscreen® is available in louvre of fixes lite combinations.
Breezway louvre windows with glass blades can achieve U-values as low as 4.4 and SHGCs from 0.32 up to 0.64.According to a research report commissioned by Breezway, the Easyscreen® louvre windows with Western Red Cedar Blades have a U-value of 4.4 and a SHGC of 0.1.

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