I came across this project headed at Cape Paterson, I found it pretty interesting and shareable.. check it out and see what you think, here are some clips off their website.

A genuine Ecovillage will restore and protect habitat, biodiversity and ecological values to the land, allow people to live lightly on the planet through sustainable design and sharing resources, and encourages a real sense of community by providing physical spaces and social opportunities that allow people to build friendships and social networks. Another important focus is health – encouraging good nutrition, more physical activity and active lifestyles as good preventative health care. Therefore an ecovillage should be pedestrian friendly, not car dominated, to encourage people to walk, cycle and use their bodies as they are designed to be used and to allow children to reclaim public spaces and play in safety.

All houses feature common sustainable design features. All have been independently rated at 7.5 star energy efficiency, and include solar energy systems, efficient appliances, and 10,000 litres of rainwater storage. All of the houses have outstanding liveability and comfort, and are designed to operate without the use of fossil fuels. They will protect your wallet with their low operating costs, as well as your comfort and the environment.

Our residents will be able to choose one of these designs “off the shelf”, or work with one of the architects from the design team to further customize the design to their particular needs, while maintaining the excellent future environmental and economic performance of the house.

The design team worked as cooperatively with some of Australia’s leading energy efficiency experts, and local Bass Coast Builders TS Constructions. The team has worked solidly for months to achieve the project design requirements while working to reduce construction costs and eliminate the premiums that are often attached to building sustainably.

All house designs include floor plans, elevations, construction materials, sustainability systems and a number of the designs include the preliminary build costs. We will include upload all preliminary construction costs for all designs shortly. Final formal construction quotations will be available from builders when you are ready to build. The cost estimates include the construction of the house, installation of sustainability systems and appliances including water tanks, solar panels, glazing, thermal mass and many other elements. Land is not included and land prices will be provided shortly.

There are a number of different attractive designs, including single and double story houses, to suit different land parcels at the Ecovillage. This is designed to give choice to residents while maintaining quality and performance.

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